Answering questions clearly and succinctly in a presentation is just that – not the time to deliver a speech or introduce new information. Some…more

Gettysburg address was 272 words; a tweet is 140 characters, a text is often just a phrase – do we still need long painful presentations…more

Business audiences often aren’t sure if they have permission to ask a question or comment during your presentation – How did you let that happen?…more

Connecting to your audience in business presentations? – You are a person first, a presenter second – quite simple. Housekeeping announcements part of your presentation? …more

Avoid being a presenter incapable of uttering a sentence without incorporating at least one tired cliché – this one drives me crazy, ‘at the end…more

Presenters – Stop playing favorites – involve all of us in your presentation. ‘Seasoned presenter’ – sure, plenty of experience, here’s the catch – In…more

Ever wonder if some presenters actually need an audience? – as they seem to applaud  themselves and their own presentations. Thought the audience did that…more

  A rock solid business or sales presentation is layered with undeniable truths – not bold anecdotal claims. Watching Olympic athletes perform is a reminder…more

Presentations leaving a customer or prospect confused instead of convinced, have been handed the path of least resistance – do nothing. Definition of ‘eternity’ –…more


Raves: "...the Presenting with Integrity™ program was amazing, I implemented five presentation techniques almost immediately after the program...if I'd of only taken this course years ago ...I can say.... THIS STUFF ACTUALLY WORKS!!!...thanks for the powerful coaching Richard."

- O.C., Manager, Facilities Supplies, MA., Unisource Worldwide Inc.

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