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Richard Peterson, Professional Host and Emcee

Richard is also a favorite on the corporate conference circuit as he brings his sharp wit and warm-hearted anecdotes to every event he attends. He is his own cast of characters with his entertaining and spontaneous persona. Also be sure to check out Richard’s other humor services and spoofs to liven up your next function, conference or event.

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Performance Raves:

Professional Hosting and Emcee Performances, Richard Peterson

Raves: “…spark, energy, humour and pizzazz…you brought it all to the Presidents Dinner and Awards evening.” L. B., Ontario Society for Training & Development

Raves: “… Richard brings “can do”, calm and confidence to every event. He does his homework, tailors his presentation to the audience and has a great sense of humour. If you want the job done well without ego getting in the way, put Richard on the stage.”…

Raves: “… If you need a host or emcee to keep you on track, on time and having a great time, Richard Peterson is just the guy for your event. His deadpan humour and quick wit makes those transitional moments on the stage…” Linda Tarrant, President , TOC Consulting Inc.

Raves: “… Richard Peterson is one of those rare people who goes about making the difficult look easy. He did a great job on stage as the emcee for one of the main stage Convention sessions… If you want a talent and a guy who’s willing to work hard to make your event a success, contact Richard Peterson…” Linda Tarrant, CSP, HoF, CAPS National Past President


Raves: "...the Presenting with Integrity™ program was amazing, I implemented five presentation techniques almost immediately after the program...if I'd of only taken this course years ago ...I can say.... THIS STUFF ACTUALLY WORKS!!!...thanks for the powerful coaching Richard."

- O.C., Manager, Facilities Supplies, MA., Unisource Worldwide Inc.

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