Part 2 – The 5 P’s of a Powerful Presentation

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Free Presentation Skills Mini Course Vol. 2 of 7

Presenting with Impact & Integrity™

Part 1 – Course Introduction & Outline

Part 2 – The 5 P’s of a Powerful Presentation

The second step in creating presentations is an often overlooked part of many presentations. In part one I went on at great length about gaining absolute focus as to what your single point in your presentation is. I did go on didn’t I?, I guess you could say I was trying to make a POINT!

As it turns out I heard back from some of you after sending out Part 1. Here’s what I heard, that is was difficult if not impossible to reduce the focus of a presentation to a single point. Hope this helps, let me offer this as a guideline to determine your single point. . If you missed Part 1 click here.

If I were to ask you what my single point was in the Mini Course you are currently active in, what would you say? Better presentations?, better delivery?, active audience participation?, handling Question & Answer sessions? Well, it’s about all those things, and those are sub points or elements that over the 7 parts of the program I will interweave and join together. However, just like your own audiences, small steps in the same direction of making your point each and every step of the way will have your audience follow along with you as you build to the climax of your presentation.

My single point in this 7 part Mini Course, quite simple really:

Presenting with Impact & Integrity™
There you have it, that’s my point, more on integrity later in the program, but there you have it, a single element that offers a different perspective on what images a presentation skills program may conjure up. By the way, I notice that my single point also happens to be the title of the program. I offer that as food for thought in future presentation planning. On that note, one of the most powerful tools a presenter has is the other person’s imagination!

Think back on a memorable presentation you attended. Likely the presenter offered one story, one picture, one image, one application that connected for you. The powerful presenter is able to offer you images you can see rather than trying to describe the images they can see. I have too often been subjected to brow beating presentations where the presenter insists on having me see, think and feel like they do. My trademark response,

Give me a break!

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Am I the only one that simply wants a presenter to give me things in the way that I see, feel and think! Now back to the other person’s imagination, it took me years to realize that not everyone thinks the way I do. So, here’s what typically happens, I walk away from a presentation uttering the common humourous expression of, “and your point is?”

So, let’s get down to business , if your audience is virtually pummelled into submission with facts and theory in your presentation and you leave it up to them to determine, no let me put it a different way to take a wild guess as to what you’re point is I would immediately declare what I call a:

Presentation Emergency!
In any emergency complete with red flashing lights and wailing sirens we as presenters are expected to maintain our composure. To help you in maintaining your composure I offer to you a free download to quickly and easily run through the check points of what I call the 5 P’s of a Powerful Presentation.

Have a point!
Support the point!
Explore the point!
Apply the point!
Deliver the point!

Each of the 5 P’s work in concert with each other. Research suggests that a very high number of presenters fail to make their point clear simply because they often present volumes of information unsupported by colourful mental imagery for the audience. Remember too that when ever I use the term ‘audience’ that could mean 2 or even 200 people.

One of the errors I witness time and time again in a presentation is the failure to APPLY the point. This is where many presenters often tell a story, use an anecdote or an example without giving me the link or application to my real world where I can use it. Failure to debrief your point or tell them why you told it is what I call an FTD – failure to debrief.

Watch out for the fatal error – FTD – Failure to debrief
Debriefing all along the way during your presentation is where the application of audience comprehension truly materializes! Often I’ve spoken with a presenter after their delivery as they reminisce on all the great things they told their audience. At that point I will ask, but did they get it? Food for thought: Just because you said it doesn’t mean they got it. Your job as a presenter is to use each and every one of the 5 P’s to ensure that your stories, analogies, explorations, and certainly your delivery hits the mark with as many listeners each and every time.

So there you have it…Part 2 of 7 parts to follow. You are probably thinking, that was easy…just kick back and take in more information. Nope!…you’re second homework assignment is as follows. Download the 5 P’s check list

Are you able to easily recognize the 5 P’s in a presentation you made recently or better yet, that you are currently working on. Was your presentation simply a data and information overflow?

This program is to invite you to try out some new behavior patterns. I guess that was just a nice way of saying, breaking some old habits. I ask you to resist the temptation of going back to old material and doing a force fit into your next presentation. No, it’s not about starting from scratch every time, besides who wants to do that? It’s about gaining clarity in your content without distracting your thinking by reviewing older presentations looking for material to reuse.

If you find yourself looking at an older presentation and catch yourself saying, “Yup, I can use that and that and that….I suggest you may be falling into the force fit trap and not thinking what it will be like when your audience your force fit and use over approach.

TIP: Avoid underestimating your audience, they will see through you every time….

…unless you are Presenting with Impact & Integrity™

So there you have it…Part 2 of 7 parts on the road to becoming a more powerful presenter. If you missed Part 1 click here.

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After these sessions you will be better prepared to tackle your toughest presentation issues with more ease, confidence and greater success.

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I hope you have enjoyed Part 2 of Presenting with Impact & Integrity™. This course is a series of excerpts from my full 30 day program. Program description brochures are available: | E-Brochure | PDF format

See you for our next session…in the meantime,

Great Presentations!

Richard Peterson, North America’s Presentation Coach™

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