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Are Your Presentations Having The Impact You Want?

How you present yourself to any audience, whether two or two hundred listeners, is critical to your success or failure…the stakes are that high.

Lost business opportunities and feeling stuck in your career can be things of the past if you take advantage of a few simple tools!

Each time you present is a career changing opportunity…yours for the taking!

All it takes is just a few simple steps that can be easily learned to help you speak more effectively, conduct meetings in a more powerful manner, and make business and sales presentations with more command and power!

Powerful presentation skills, the ultimate success tool for professionals!

Personalized presentation coaching programs and workshops for top and mid-level professionals to realize their full potential as more effective communicators. A supportive coaching approach designed to nurture individuals at a pace that benefits them

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The Presentation Skills program – Presenting with Integrity ™

Raves: “…by far the most informative and comprehensive presentation course I’ve attended…and that gives ‘hands on’ exposure.” R.B., Product Marketing Manager, Amdocs Inc

More Raves: “Richard Peterson’s course, unlike many others, left a lasting impression on those that participated. We continue to utilize what we learned on a daily basis when preparing and delivering improved presentations to both internal and external customers. I highly recommend Richard because he brings results.” S.C., Regional Vice-President, Unisource Canada Inc.

More Raves: “…from the subtleties of daily client interactions to formalized presentation settings, Richard helped our team understand and build on our strengths and gave us useful insights that we were able to apply immediately.”

More Raves: …“Richard helped our presentations become more effective communication vehicles that are fully informative and simultaneously completely engaging for our audience.”

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Presenting with Impact & Integrity ™ Powerful Presentation Coaching Elements – Outline

Your Image: The introduction of yourself, working on physical skills to look and feel more comfortable with confidence.

Your Story: You will see yourself relaxed and animated, using a conversational tone. Vocal inflection and physical presence will be evaluated.

Business Presentation: Introduction of the structure model. This format emphasizes the importance of audience benefit statements and will assist you in making your presentations more interesting and persuasive.

The Keys to Effective Delivery: Voice Quality, Physical Presence, and Audience Interaction

Business Presentation with Visual Aids: Combination of the physical and structural skills you learned to deliver powerful and complete presentations.

Powerful Platform Skills: Movement and Gestures, Using Notes and Technical Equipment and Interacting with Visuals

Impromptu Model: Learn to think and respond quickly on your feet.

Q & A Session Model: Effectively handle challenging Q &A’s, learning to respond professionally without defensiveness or reaction.

For more information on professional development programs from Peterson & Associates, please contact us by e-mail: or by telephone: 905.887.6876

Recent Published Articles: Presentation Tips & Pointers

Presentation Coaching Benefits

  • Personalized attention for your style
  • One on one private coaching
  • Peer to peer coaching support
  • Transfer nervous energy into positive energy
  • Use proper movement for your personality
  • Be persuasive and use customer-focused language
  • Show yourself as more relaxed and natural
  • Gain control with physical stance and gesturing
  • Increase your vocal variety
  • Read and respond to feedback from the audience
  • Improved use of visual support

Coaching Components

Speech Preparation, High Impact Communication and Presentation Development
Developing proven routines and techniques Establishing more credibility and mutual respect to exhibit more confidence with internal and external customers

Motivating and maintaining audience control Preparation and rehearsal techniques that build confidence and ensure professional delivery

Effective pacing of a presentation Appropriate use of humor and anecdotes

Developing dynamic opening remarks Using techniques to logically organize and present ideas and concepts

Using confident body language, gestures Positive and powerful voice projection and eye contact

Developing professional responses to Fielding questions with confidence and integrity frequently asked questions without defensiveness or reaction

Mastering the use of visuals in presentations Handling microphone and podium situations with eloquence

Preparation of slides, visuals and hand outs What to do when you can’t plan – techniques for impromptu and unplanned talks

Unique openers that get attention and lay the foundation for audience support and involvement

Using more persuasive language in speeches

Simple adjustments in speed, volume, and pauses to make your voice one of your strongest speaking tool

Special situations: formulas for presentations to industry and trade groups, business clubs and professional organizations

Handling difficult questions if you don’t have the answers prevent disagreements and get what you want

Using the “escalation scale” in internal meetings

Recent Published Articles: Presentation Tips & Pointers

For more information on professional development programs from Peterson & Associates, please contact us by e-mail: or by telephone: 905.887.6876

The Presentation Coaching Approach

Your success will be greater by taking an active role in the make up of the program to ensure superior results. You will develop and realize your own potential as a powerful presenter in an atmosphere that is both nurturing and challenging. You will hone your presentation techniques and gain confidence to identify development areas, practice constructive changes and emerge as a more powerful presenter.

The Professional Presentation Skills Audit as well as the Professional Selling Skills Audit allows clarification from all the information you could learn about presentations to the specific things you need to doto improve your presentation results. My approach asks that each professional be asked to invest 90 seconds to fill out each audit and send it to me directly for tabulation. Success is self determined and the key is clarity and focus. When each participant completes the audit process I ask that they identify three areas on each audit that will be the most helpful for them. Success in upcoming sessions will be greater if you can identify the fewest number of areas that will demonstrate the highest gain.

Besides confidential pre coaching phone conversations and a base line video feedback session the feedback audits will give me insights into your skill level as well as clear discovery in your top line strengths. The combination of audit results, confidential conversations and reviewing videotapes, typically allows me to focus a program based on your toughest presentation issues vs. my interests.

The Coaching Format:

Business professionals have indicated their success preference to the extended day coaching format:

  • The first day involves confidential one on one interviews with participants and a baseline videotaped session of you currently making presentations. Classroom style will make up the balance of the day to overview powerful presentation techniques and the introduction of a presentation self critique tool that can be implemented immediately. Homework as well as reading and research assignments are agreed to individually for specific presentations.
  • The second day is held in classroom style session with intensive reinforcement of successful methods of presenting, rehearsal and also coaching sessions to build retention. Additional homework and reading assignments are assigned for specific presentations that can be implemented over the course of the following week.
  • The third day is focused on evaluating homework, field results and issues to be addressed for the next assignments in the field. Individual coaching is followed by another round of video feedback sessions. An additional homework assignment for the maintenance portion of presentation skills completes this phase for relevant field related self-coaching.

The format is then reinforced by a twenty-minute confidential tele-coaching support session within 45 days. Students are also entitled to unlimited e-mail critique or e-mail consultation for 180 days following course completion. The scheduled days of coaching are flexible and students have demonstrated stronger results if those days are scheduled to allow sufficient time for homework completion and coaching days.

Technical Schedule

Three tiers of coaching are available from Peterson & Associates:

Richard A. Peterson and Peterson & Associates specialize in coaching professionals to become more powerful presenters. In addition, Richard has earned the prestigious CSP designation (Certified Sales Professional) that allows him to coach sales professionals in applying consultative selling skills and powerful presentation skills to help reach successes once thought unattainable.

On-site Classroom Sessions

Coaching session days, a thirty-minute confidential follow up tele-coaching session, e-mail critique and electronic consultation for six months are included.

Class size limited to ten participants for maximum coaching effectiveness and success.

One on One Coaching Sessions:

Coaching session days, a thirty-minute confidential follow up tele-coaching session, e-mail critique and electronic consultation for six months are included.

If required, travel, accommodation, ( GTA – outside of Greater Toronto Area) meeting space, visual support and incidental expenses are in addition to fee schedule and taxes as applicable

Bonus and Discount Schedule:

Peterson & Associates is pleased to offer volume and discount fee schedules to accommodate your budgetary needs. We are pleased to offer our Presentation VIP program that offers participant discounts as well as multi day session discounts.

Our goal is to offer competitive pricing and service offerings to exclusively meet your needs, not ours.

Currency and Satisfaction Warranty:

Peterson & Associates offers powerful presentation coaching Internationally. The Head Office of the company is located in Toronto, Canada. Coaching assignments in Canada are billed in CDN.

Coaching assignments in the USA are billed in USD

International coaching assignments are payable in advance and billed in local currency of the delivery location*

*Exceptions may apply. Currency will be determined upon agreement of coaching assignment.

All coaching assignments are payable upon 100% satisfaction.

For more information on professional development programs from Peterson & Associates, please contact us by e-mail: or by telephone: 905.887.6876

Satisfaction for our clients is paramount. If we have not met and exceeded your expectations and 100% satisfaction is not declared, payment of fees will not be required. In the event satisfaction is not declared in prepaid coaching assignments, any fees on deposit will be cheerfully refunded.

Our goal is your satisfaction with no hassles, no questions, or your money back. Period.

Graduate Coaching:

As most business professionals benefit from relevant, reinforced and rapid application learning we also offer Advanced Specialized Presentation skills coaching as well as Advanced Sales Coaching. Graduates of our programs are entitled to a special topic program at reduced fees up to a year of their first session.

We look forward to the opportunity of helping you move to the next presentation level!

Great Presentations!,


Richard Peterson, CSP

North America’s Presentation Coach™


Raves: "...the Presenting with Integrity™ program was amazing, I implemented five presentation techniques almost immediately after the program...if I'd of only taken this course years ago ...I can say.... THIS STUFF ACTUALLY WORKS!!!...thanks for the powerful coaching Richard."

- O.C., Manager, Facilities Supplies, MA., Unisource Worldwide Inc.

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