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Presentation Delivery Techniques

Business Presentations: The End is Near?

Last month I attended several presentations and noted a common characteristic. When was the presentation actually over? Even motion pictures in days gone by often filled the silver screen with two obvious words, THE END.

Stop right there, I’m not suggesting using that technique and I offer a closing technique that will help make your business presentations more powerful and memorable.

The technique I simply call, the End is Near. Many presenters close their presentations with a question and answer session. Often I’m deafened by the silence from the audience when the presenter proudly announces. “Are there any questions?” Shuffling of feet as some audience members start packing up and exiting the session often follow the silence.

Was that the end of the presentation? Was the last question the end? What were the final memorable words spoken that would impact the audience? When the last person left the room was that the end? Finally, what if a question was asked that challenges the content of the presentation? How would you feel after making your points and the presentation closed on a sour note as you publicly defend your presentation points?

Presentation TIP: THE END IS NEAR!

As you approach the end of your presentation inform your audience that you will address questions before moving to the closing point. This way the Q&A portion is more comfortable for both you and the audience. Then move to the closing point. That’s what they came for.

The final words you say will be the most remembered. Just as the preparation and practice that went into the other parts of the presentation, the end will hold more influence with the audience if it is met with conclusion moving to action. Now that’s…THE END

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