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Why Invest In “Selling with Integrity” Seminars?

We start with an understanding your people know how to sell.

Selling Skills Online Audit

We focus on helping them to sell more effectively.

We focus on what your sales people need to do better vs. knowing more. Our Professional Sales Audit ensures we focus on your priorities.

We have your people commit to change through Personal Action Contracts. They leave with a commitment to specific new behaviours.

We focus on powerful ideas to increase sales now! Each idea has been time or researched based to have an immediate impact on sales results.

Your people receive a Personal Goal Card which helps to keep them more focused.

We will help your people identify their common sales objections and give them the reasoning and the words to effectively deal with them.

We help your people identify their strengths so they can make better use of them.

We help your people build business more quickly and effectively.

We coach your people to break through the barrier of “knowing” to “doing”.

Most sales programs focus on information about selling.

Our focus is action.

“Selling with Integrity” – 30 Day Session Overview

The SWI (Selling with Integrity) program is personalized, based on the specific needs of the student. Because of the Professional Sales Audit and the fact that classes are limited to ten students, we are truly able to offer a personalized learning experience, catering to your sales issues. Although the program clarifies a powerful sales philosophy and identifies the four characteristics of successful sales professionals, the focus is on developing the sales tools needed by your sales team.

Professional Sales Portfolio: Their portfolio is all the “stuff’ customized to what they need to be better prepared to sell more effectively.

  1. Positioning Statement: This is a powerful sales tool for prospecting designed to more effectively answer, “So what do you offer?” Its purpose is to identify qualified prospects and result in having your target market respond with, “Can you tell me more”.
  2. A Trust-Building Strategy: The #1 thing we all sell is always the same. Regardless of our industry or company, the #1 thing we sell is trust. This program shows you how your sales professionals can develop it more quickly and meaningfully.
  3. FAQ Section: Sales people get the same basic questions asked on a regular basis. Here is a chance for them to write out their best responses and get feedback on how to respond in a more effective way.
  4. Professional Audit: Our Professional Sales Audit will clarify how the Selling with Integrity program can help your sales professionals, your company’s audit designed during this program will help your clients more quickly determine how your team can help them.
  5. Success Stories: Clients and prospects want proof. Proof you can do what you say and proof that others have really benefited from your work. We show you how to develop, present and when to use your success stories. In addition, 15 more sales tools will be available!

SWI Program Format: Mornings will include activities and information provided to create new learning experiences. Afternoons will focus on group and individual coaching designed to help your sales people learn more quickly from their experiences.

This is a 30-day sales educational course with four weekly one day class sessions. It’s objective is to impact the sales results of your team.

The following 30 minutes a day of homework will get them there more quickly: Daily, purpose driven readings. Direct application of ideas gained in readings to immediately impact sales effectiveness. Independent and assigned peer assignments. Assignments are to identify ten ideas that will impact their sales results.

Professional Self-Critiques: A daily critique of at least one sales call using a specific five-question process is required.

Peer Coaching: By taking the coaching role your sales people will learn their material more quickly and therefore see sales results more quickly.

Sales Management Involvement: Supervision will be asked to actively coach their professionals in the workplace using the Sales Self-Critique and the three feedback questions.

Student applications: Applications for SWI Programs are currently being considered. Successful applicants will be contacted for their availability and session dates. We are currently accepting applications by:

E-mail: “Selling with Integrity” Application Request and you will receive your application form by e-mail within in 24 hours

More program details:

Length: 30 day Program (with four in-class sessions) Learning materials and leather bound sales self coaching portfolio all inclusive. Completions of homework assignments are required to participate in the final examination and be eligible for the Graduate Program.

Class session hours: 9 – 4 PM (four sessions) Class size limited to 10

Invest in your future now!…WHY WAIT?

Your Next Steps to Sales Success:Simply take 90 seconds to fill out the Professional Sales Audit!
(click on the Sales Audit in the box below) Click here to continue to the Sales Audit

Check off the points that will be the most useful in enabling you to sell more effectively, more often. After you have finished then take an additional 90 seconds to focus … really focus … on the three areas that will add to your selling skills portfolio and truly make the difference in the way you sell to achieve greater success!


Raves: "...the Presenting with Integrity™ program was amazing, I implemented five presentation techniques almost immediately after the program...if I'd of only taken this course years ago ...I can say.... THIS STUFF ACTUALLY WORKS!!!...thanks for the powerful coaching Richard."

- O.C., Manager, Facilities Supplies, MA., Unisource Worldwide Inc.

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