Answer Tough Questions in Presentations

Presentation Questions

Never overlook the importance of answering questions clearly during business and sales presentations. One poorly handled question can implode an entire presentation.

The main rule of question and answer sessions is to treat your audience with mutual respect. Answer questions directly and honestly with sincerity and passion.

If they have asked a question, it is because they want to know the answer. It is very unlikely that anyone will ask a question solely to trick you or discredit you.

If a question is provocative, answer it directly. Never be rude to the questioner or show you are upset. Do not compromise yourself but maintain your point of view and avoid at all cost losing your temper. Emotional control can be difficult to maintain but the key is being assertive. Stay in control of the process.

Business audiences have had years of presentation boredom training. Retrain them with your next presentation.

Composure in your sales and business presentations will come from your readiness to adapt and adjust to new and unfamiliar circumstances.


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